event consulting

Is your organization looking to launch a brand new event or are you seeking solutions for challenges facing your current event? Through a holistic evaluation process, we’ll analyze your event in the following areas:

Needs Assessment: Identify goals and objective for the event.
Financial Analysis: Review the budget and identify areas to reduce expenses and generate additional revenue, leading to a more robust bottom line.​
Risk Mitigation: Analyze past/current contracts and recommend strategies to reduce your organization’s risk. Will also assess insurance requirements, to include event cancellation insurance.

Aspire to do more with:

  • Event Management Software/Event Websites  
  • Abstract and Poster Management
  • Speaker and Session Management
  • Exhibit/Sponsorship Sales and Interactive Floorplans
  • Mobile Apps
  • Geolocation/iBeacon Technology
  • Digital/Hybrid Events and Online Learning Communities
  • Registration & Lead Retrieval System
  • Interactive Session Polling and Audience Response Systems
  • Digital Poster Presentations
  • Second Screen Technology
Event PLANNING/Management 

Aspire provides meeting and event planning services to those looking to improve or manage their events. With nearly 20 years of experience producing meetings, conventions and trade shows for groups of 10 to 10,000+, Aspire has the knowledge, expertise and experience to execute a flawless, profitable event. 

Aspire to take your event to the next level by:

  • Adding an experienced meeting planner to your team to help manage your biggest events during the busiest times of the year
  • Bringing a fresh perspective and new ideas to your existing event 

As a former association meeting planner, Aspire understands the limited staff and financial resources that associations have to run their events. Let Aspire analyze your meeting operations and identify cost-effective, integrated event technology solutions to streamline your event operations, and provide more effective data and reporting to plan your next event. 

Strategic Planning/Data Analysis: Conduct a thorough review of event metrics and analyze registration trends, demographic reports, conference program/speaker feedback, exhibitor lead generation, exhibit hall traffic reports and heat maps, event surveys and evaluations, exhibitor and attendee retention rates, etc.. Identify event strengths and areas for improvement, and develop strategic plans that will lead to improved outcomes. 

Planning Operations: Evaluate your planning process/timelines, and identify areas for improvement that will lead to clearer staff roles and more efficient planning operations. Recommend areas where outsourcing may be beneficial to your team, so they can focus on the critical day-to-day tasks that will grow your event (audience generation, speaker management, exhibit/sponsorship sales).
Technology: Assess the tools used to manage the event (call for proposals, mobile apps, registration/ticketing, housing, lead retrieval, speaker/session management, exhibit/sponsor management, session recording/online learning, live-streaming, CEU management, evaluations, etc.) and recommend tools that will enhance your participants’ experience before and during the event, and lead to better data collection.


Aspire to enhance your event by: 

  • Maximizing the resources that you have
  • Eliminating the “pain points” that bog your staff down so they can focus their time and energy on growing the event
  • Understanding how to utilize the data collected at your event to improve future events
  • Identifying ways to enhance the event experience for all of your stakeholders while increasing your bottom line

  • Explore creative ways to better engage both your live (face-to-face) attendees and remote attendees who are participating virtually
  • Identifying new revenue-generating opportunities to increase your event's profitability
Event technology assessment and implementatioN
site selection/SOURCING of venues & service providers

Through our affiliation with Experient, a Maritz Global Events Company, Aspire is proud to provide complimentary sourcing/site selection services. By leveraging the significant buying power of Experient, we can negotiate better contracts for your next meeting/event and ensure you're getting the best value.

We employ a thorough, 6-step Sourcing Spectrum service where we will conduct a needs assessment of your meeting specs, research venues and destinations within your budget, benchmark venue proposals against other to ensure that you're receiving the best possible package of rates and concessions, consult with our clients throughout the planning process, provide ongoing assistance related to risk management, and generate reports outlining the cost-savings and ROI from your event.

Aspire to reduce meeting costs by: 

  • Spending less staff time on the site selection/contract negotiation process
  • Negotiation of more competitive group rates, rental fees, concessions, and rebates that are based on the value of your entire event
  • Taking advantage of Experient's significant buying power, Experient-exclusive promotions at meeting destinations & venues, and Experient discounts with top service providers (AV, GSC, etc.)
  • Benchmarking proposals for your event against our extensive database of contracts booked for other clients, to ensure you're getting the very best deal
  • Incorporating contract terms into each venue contract that mitigate your risk on your next event